Connecting to the mother earth

Have you ever walked bare foot on moist mud? Have you ever felt the utter peace you experience when you come in contact with the motger earth. Yes, we are talking about the bliss that you experience while taking a stroll on grass in wee hours of the day.

We will be talking about the spiritual aspect of the process. The process of taking in energy from the mother earth is known as “Earthing”.

Here are some quick hacks to earthing which you can use in the our of need. 

  1. Use it to get rid of negative energies’ accumulation in your body. In order to get rid of negative energy you must place your bare feet on the ground and pray to the mother earth by placing your hand on your heart, ” Please take away all the negativity, mother earth and bury it deep inside your core. “
  2. To re-energise your body after a hectic day. To do this, again put your bare feet on the ground and affirmate, ” Mother Earth, please give access energy to my energy body. ” Don’t forget to thank the mother earth for her selfless love.
  3. To rejuvenate your mindset when you feel drained. To do this affirmate with your bare feet on the ground early in the morning, “Mother Earth, please rejuvenate my mindset so that my mind is filled with new ideas. Thank you, Mother for your divine help.”

These are some of the Earthing hacks that can make your everyday problems vanish in no time.


Alternate therapy hacks for migraine

Migraine is a lifestyle disorder which has remained unresolved since ever so much so that even today the medical practitioners fail to offer a legit cause for it.

Those enduring the pain of migraine attacks must have tried every treatment they have ever heard of to get rid of it. Since I have been in this trap for around 7 years, it is appropriate for me to address this issue.

Treating migraine through meditation:

Regular meditation upon crown chakra to remove the blockages in it can help decrease the intensity of the migraine attacks. 

Meditating upon the solar plexus chakra can help reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks as well.

Treatment of migraine through accupressure:

Massaging the tip of your thumbs before the occurance of a migraine attack will help reduce the frequency of the migraine attacks.

Treatment of migraine through hypnotherapy:

Taking the help of a professional hypnotherapist to find the root cause of your migraine attacks can help you eliminate the disease forever.

You can also use the hypnosis to reduce anxiety on a regular basis to fight the triggers of your migraine attack in case they are psychological.

There are numerous other alternate therapies to attack the problems but these ones work best for migraine attacks.
Love and light to all!!!

When you hit the rock bottom…

It is undeniably the worst feeling in the world to be at the rock bottom with no on to count on. More often than not, everyone leaves your hand in such a phase. This phase serves as the golden opportunity to connect to inner wisdom.

People often come for hypnotherapy or mund programming session to seek help from healers and hypnotherapists. Little do they know whatever they are looking for lies deep within them, waiting to be awakened.

Can fear serve a purpose? 

A lot is being written about the power of the sub cautious mind nowadays. We read it all and appreciate the fact that our sub cautious is very powwrful. Many of you must have seen ‘The Secret’ documentary as well which would have contributed a bit to shift your paradigm.

I am not going to talk about the powers of our sub cautious, rather I would like to adrress how you can harness that power to lead the life of your dreams.

To begin with, we must understand the fundamentals about our brain in brief. Our cautious brain is responsible for putting limitations in order to support our survival. It is where our fear resides. This programming serves a meaningful purpose of keeping us away from danger. This is where our survival instincts come from. For example: if you enter a dark room, your cautious brain gives out the signals that increase the levels of stress hormone, cortisol in your blood. This is done in order to signal your heart to beat faster and keep your body ready to respond in case of an emergency. Clearly the fear programmed in our cautious brain serves a purpose here. 

The problem arises when our cautious mind gets programmed with certain fears that are not rational. For example: a client of mine was using a particular lip balm for years to keep her lips healthy. I really can’t comment whether that lip balm kept her lips healthy or not, but she had such a complex about her lip texture/ shape that she would start panicking if she did not have that lip balm. Here, her cautious brain was just programmed negatively about her lip texture/ shape and clearly the manufacturers and retailers of that lip balm company were taking advantage of that fear. 

There are numerous examples of us picking up irrational fears and storing them in our sub cautious so strongly that they begin to limit us in our potential.

In the following posts, I will train you as to how you can program your mind/ save yourself from negative programmings in order to achieve your full potential. 

What is pranic healing?

Pranic healing is a form of energy healing where prana or the cosmic energy is used to heal something. It can be used to manipulate the energy webs of things that can breathe and even thosethat does not have a life of its own.

The basic principle of pranic healing is ‘ Energy Follows Thought’. They have a precisely designed technique to heal the physical as well as the spiritual body of a being. 

The basic level pranic healing deals in healing with white light whereas the later stages have trainings for using the appropriate color prana or particular wavelength of energy for spicific purposes. 

This alternate therapy preaches a detailed chakra system instead of a basic 7 chakra system. For every disease they have a particular healing concept that has been precisely mentioned in the book.

The art of healing follows a basic rule of cleaning the required chakras first and then energising with the appropriate prana or energy.

For  example: the healing of a headache caused because of common cold and the headache caused because of migraine will include healing of a different set of chakras with different colored prana instead of a common healing for all headaches.

Pranic psychotherapy teaches the healing techniques for the psychological disorders. Healing of depression, suicidal tendencies, ADHD becomes possible and effective after learning pranic psychotherapy. 

One of the most inspiring case studies that the principal healer of Saarthi- The Healing Consultants, Healer Meenakshi Madan has shared with me is that of a student who was suicidal because he could not make it to his dream school despite his backbreaking hardwork. This young lad didn’t go out of his house for one year, didn’t get a hair cut or his beard trimmed for the whole year while he was preparing for giving the entrance exam once again. He was so suicidal that his mother would not leave him home even for a minute. That is when she approached meenakshi ma’am for his healing. He was continously healed for 3 months and his suicidal tendencies reduced and subsequently vanished. He is saide today, though he could not make it to his dream school that year but he didn’t commit suicide either. Pranic healing is neither magic nor anything less than that.

Relationship healing is yeat another wonder of pranic healing where the chakras of couple are healed individually to restore the physical, spiritual and emotional balance. Now, Meenakshi Ma’am is an arhatic yogi which is perceived to be one of the highest levels of pranic healing. Now it hardly takes her a few minutes to heal anything and everything.

I am an advanced level pranic healer and I use the technique to mostly keep my aura clean and protected. To prevent my migraine attacks and balancing my chakras. 

Pranic healing indeed makes you see the world in the form of energies. We began dealing with things at a meraphysical level instead of beings limited to perceiving their physical state.

What does a psychic reader feel while giving a reading?

This was the question I kept asking myself for months when I first saw a healer. I just wanted to know what it feels like to have magical powers. I was fascinated to say the least.

I am grateful to be a part of this world, though I have just begun my journey. I probably don’t understand the ‘S’ of spirituality or its power yet but I must say whatever I know till now was nowhere relatable to what we are taught by this materialistic world.

We are so obsessed with what we can see, we hardly make an effort to go beyond. Despite being in trance for at least once a day, we all fail to realise that this is not the only world we live in.

Those who have learnt or attempted to understand, unlock, unfold or harness their intuition might be able to relate to this post. I strongly believe we all have given in to our intuition at some point or the other. 

Based on my interactions with pranic healers, spiritual therapists, angel therapists, hypnotherapists, mind programmers and tarot card readers, I have observed that they all had one thing in common about their state while reading. That thing is they feel that they enter another realm where they have all those powers and where they are not limited to this physical body. 

They all see some colors which they relate to some spiritual realms. One thing that has made me curious is the fact that even two people completely non related to each other can experience something similar while meditating without bein physically connected through any medium. 

There was an instance where one of the ladies meditating in the same room while narrating her experience with Twin Heart meditation mentioned some visions which exactly mapped to mine. But how was she able to see what I saw. Since we didn’t get a chance to discuss with each other as well, I was curious to know how can this happen. Then our trainer mentioned that the colours we saw represents another realm and what we saw were the visions/ messages. I could decode those visions latee in my life. They had a message which I could not decipher then.

Another Tarot Card Reader once mentioned to me that she invocates before giving any reading and more often than not she is unable to remember what she predicts. 

She said she is in some hypnotic trance where she is able to predict for people. Again something similar to travelling to another realm. 

The experiences and their interpretations might vary from person to person but we all reach that hypnotic trance at least once a day and that is the time we are about to wake up. That is exactly the reason some believe that the dreams they see in the morning becomes a reality. 

Such is the power of our sub cautious brain. We are all fortune tellers at least for a split second every day. The more you understand and harness the power of your sub cautious, the more it rewards you with the power to alter the reality or peep into the past, present and future.

Why alternate therapies are the new craze?

In the past decade, healing theraoies, meditation, spirituality and #yogalife has been some of the trending terms on social media. No matter how dangerously little people know about spirituality but claiming to be spiritual has become more of a style statement than lifestyle.

Despite all the craziness associated with these terms, there exists communities to which they hold a very different meaning.

Alternate therapies is way beyond being just therapies, they are a way to life. I like to call them white magic. Those who have even dipped their toes in the world of alternate therapies can understand why I chose to call it magic. However, the word ‘white’ here signifies my pure intent whil doing this and this can mean differently to different people.

So the big question is why  are they becoming famous despite their existence since the beginning of time.

The reasons are the web cobs of stress that has sucked the life out of most of us. Not to mention the deteriorating physical and mentak health of the people residing in urban cities.

The people who conquered the world had now began losing in their lives. This lead to their search for solace which they found while meditating. This lead to a new outrage of people drifting towards the ancient sciences, alternate therapies.

I am a tarot card reader and have been practising pranic healing, angel therapy, spiritual dowsing, hypnotherapy, past life regression, mind programming and tarot card reading for the past 5 years.

This is my first post and I will be posting about various alternate sciences, white magic shortcuts for improving quality of life and other spiritual stuff from my journey.










First blog post

I have started this blog to share the alternate therapy hacks that will help people make their lives better. 

Also, I will share the wisdom that my spiritual teachers and archangels have bestowed upon me.

Some of the posts are just going to be random moments of instrospection that I feel needs to be documented.